About Meant for each other

The vibrancy of colors, the aroma of the flowers and the freshness of the breeze culminates into one of the best expressions of Love one can ever witness.In one of the most beautiful symbols of togetherness, a butterfly and a flower symbolize how two lovers are truly meant for each other.The flowers depict the selfless element of love which loves to give and the butterfly depicts the magnetic attractiveness of love.

I have captured the two lovers relishing their union while acknowledging their dependency on each other, created on canvas with oil colors.

About Bhojan – The Meal

This painting shows Lord Krishna, who is lovingly fed by his mother Yashoda, and his childhood companions enjoying a meal. A mother’s love is best expressed when she is feeding her child, the innocent unconditional love is the highlight of this painting. Celebrating the delicious food, in the traditional outdoor settings of India, this vibrant and colorful painting follows Mithila or Madhubani style.
Mithila – one of the tribal art form of India, is done with brushes and pens and is characterized by eye-catching geometrical patterns.
This painting has created on wooden sheet using oil and acrylic.

About Gopis – female worshipers of Lord Krishna

Symbolize the innocence of love and reverence for divine. In this painting, I have depicted the beauty, grace and elegance of these disciple of Lord Krishna and the human element of their relationship.
Inspired by the ornamental beauty of the Madhubani method of painting from ancient India, this painting blends the traditional and modern art.

This painting has created on canvas using acrylics.