About “Aum” Illustation

Nainee Shah was contracted by the Hinduism Today magazine published by the Shiva Monastery of Kauai, Hawaii, to create a custom logo of “Aum” for the main page of their magazine.

Aum -The syllable consists of three phonemes, a, u, and m, which symbolize states of consciousness. The first phoneme, “a”, is analogous with the conscious or waking state, called jagrata-avastha in Sanskrit. The “u” represents the dream state, or svapna-avastha. The “m” symbolizes the dreamless sleep state, or susupta-avastha. The combination of these three phonemes creates the holistic Aum, which represents the fourth or full state of realization, turiya-avastha. This final state is the aim of all yoga: Samadhi – a complete union between breath, body, mind, and spirit.

Having shown her illustration on Aum to the monk at the Shiv Temple, was subsequently printed on the main page of their quarterly magazine. Projects like this make Nainee well sought after in the field of religious Hindu drawings. The illustration was well liked by the team of a Shiva Temple, Hawaii.