About Aana netipattam on Glass

Aana netipattam –  Aana means Elephant and Pattam means belt.  Almost all the local festivals in Kerala include at least one richly caparisoned elephant. Elephants carry the deity during annual festival processions and ceremonial circumnambulations in the Hindu temples. The temple elephants are decorated with goldplated caparisons (“nettipattam“), bells, and necklaces. The Image is attached below to show the Elephants decorated by Aana netipattam.

Nainee was contacted by a manager of a well known Indian restaurant to create a custom artwork to decorate the center wall of their restaurant. This painting is created on 5ft x 3ft glass with glass colors and Nainee has put her focus on the details to create a painting like a realistic Aana netipattam on glass.

If you are the owner of a business or restaurant and are struggling to find the right artwork to fit your theme then you are best off seeking the services of Adorable Arts. Nainee shah’s artwork adorns restaurants and may just be the perfect match for the ambiance of your office, restaurant or home.