Raising Artists to Adore Creativity and Art

Nainee Shah is an experienced and patient art teacher that has brought out the creative talent in many aspiring artists. Through various projects Nainee provides the skills and background to her students, allowing them to express their creativity to the best of their ability. Nainee is proficient in all mediums of arts and she allows her students to explore these mediums, allowing them to find a niche and ensuring they thrive in their artwork.

Art Class for Kids and Adults


We believe that art has significant impact on a children’s intellectual growth and perception of the world. Apart from giving them a means to express their creativity in the form of painting and sketching it also opens their minds to lateral thinking when solving problems in their everyday life and education


If you ask any scientist, psychologist or philosopher, they would tell you the key to brilliance is the ability to imagine. We help your children bring their imagination to reality which can inspire innovative thinking.


Young artists need attention and a little guidance to make sure that when they havean idea they will not be stopped by the lack of basic skills. We believe in giving them fun filled exercises so that their hands and minds are trained well enough for the art to come out naturally.