About Nainee Shah

I was introduced to art in my childhood by my parents and later that introduction not only became my passion and source of joy but also a medium to express my inner self. I have worked on various mediums like acrylic, pastels, watercolors, glass colors but I enjoy most creating oil on canvas. I strive to create paintings that express emotions and I most enjoy when my paintings convey that feeling to my clients. As an artist I like to capture nature, human figures on my canvas also the traditional art of India like Warli and Mithila. This joy of artistic expression has also inspired me to introduce and teach art to kids and adults.

Awards and Achievements

Artworks published in Hinduism Today Magazine in the year 2015

Teaching Art

At AdorableArts we believe that art is a very unique way for people to express themselves and to that end we work to nurture the creativity of each student and simultaneously teach them the tools that allow for the expression of that creativity.
We strive to create an environment where learning is fun and promote expression of one’s unique skills. Our program is uniquely designed to balance learning and doing. Students get to work on combination of drawing, painting and projects to further their art education.

Continuous learning process

While skills and improvement for an artist are not always easy to quantify, our students demonstrate progress through various assignment and artwork. Given the unique nature of every student’s learning capabilities and interest, we encourage each student to focus on improving rather than achieving, to focus on efforts rather than results.

“I Dream My painting, and Then I Paint My Dream”

– Vincent Van Gogh